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When to Contact a Tax Attorney in Jackson, MI Have you received a notice from the IRS that you do not understand?  Do you owe the IRS back-tax balances that you are unable to pay?  Has a Revenue Officer shown up at your home or work?  Dealing with the IRS can be a scary and complicated process.  If you live in Jackson, MI and have unresolved issues with the IRS, it may be time to contact a tax attorney.  Below are five situations when you should contact a Tax Attorney in Jackson, MI to help you handle the IRS.  An IRS Revenue Officer Has Come to Your House or Work If you have been contacted by an IRS Revenue Officer, it may be in your best interest to contact a tax attorney before attempting to work with the Revenue Officer on your own.  IRS Revenue Officers have the authority to set-up resolution on your tax balances.  They also have the ability to file liens and… Read More

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Are you in debt to the IRS? Can you make payments on taxes? You can make monthly payments, called installments. Here’s the minimum amount you can pay. Have you found yourself in a situation where you owe the IRS money that you are unable to pay? The IRS may enforce penalties against you if you don’t pay any taxes you owe by the specified deadline. If this sounds like you, you may qualify for an installment plan with the Internal Revenue Service. This will help you pay off your tax debts over time and avoid any levies or garnishments. You will still have to pay interest and some penalties, but this option can take some stress off of you and make paying your back taxes affordable. Can you make payments on taxes? Yes. Continue reading below to find out more about these monthly payments, called an Installment Agreement (IA). Fees For Installment Plans If you can pay off your tax debts within 120 days, you… Read More

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How to Get an Offer in Compromise Approved: Your Ultimate Guide If you owe a lot in taxes, you can get your tax debt reduced with an offer in compromise. Here’s how to get an offer in compromise approved. Do you want to know how to get an offer in compromise approved? Have you been receiving threatening letters from the IRS that say that they’re going to levy your bank accounts unless you pay them? Maybe you don’t have the resources to pay them and have no way to borrow money. It’s a scary situation to be in. Fortunately, the IRS has what’s called an offer in compromise program, which may allow taxpayers to have a fresh start from the burden of back tax debt. The important thing to note is that about 40% of those offers are accepted by the IRS. Read on to learn more about what the offer in compromise is and how you can get your offer approved. What is an… Read More

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You may have hired a tax preparer from time to time – but a tax lawyer is different. Do you know how to tell when you should hire one? You make your best efforts every year to stay under the IRS’s radar. When you pay your taxes, you hope that’s it until the same time next year. But the IRS sometimes reaches out in a variety of situations, despite your efforts. Experts agree that a lawyer is the best way to work with the IRS in certain situations. But what exactly are those situations, and how can a lawyer help? You might be tempted to save money and go it alone – but this can be a big mistake. In this guide, we’ll show you exactly when and why you should get a tax attorney on your side. Keep reading to learn about what a tax lawyer in Saginaw, MI, can do for you! You Have An Offer In Compromise Offer in compromise is a program… Read More

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Whether you’re being audited by the IRS or you just don’t know how to file your tax returns, the truth is, Tax Day is a frightening day for all of us. What’s even worse is that nearly half of all Americans don’t even know what tax bracket they’re in (or, for that matter, what a tax bracket is). And that’s a scary thought indeed considering that 76 million Americans are struggling to get by. This is where it helps to find a great tax attorney. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled 10 tips to find the best tax attorney so that Tax Day can look a little less like Friday the 13th. Know the Kind of Tax Professional You Need First things first: you need to know what kind of tax professional you need. There are a few main types of tax professional you’re likely to encounter: Certified public accountants Enrolled agents Tax attorneys Certified public accountants (CPAs) can represent you in the case of an IRS audit, an appeal, or a collection… Read More

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