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As a prominent company specializing in tax debt resolution, we focus on assisting individuals and businesses in resolving their tax concerns with either the IRS or the State of Michigan. Our objective is to provide affordable and easily accessible professional tax assistance for everyone. Operating locally in Michigan, we have offices in Brighton, Ann Arbor, Saginaw, Lansing, and Jackson. Our dedicated team, comprising IRS Enrolled Agents, CPAs, and Tax Lawyers, personally collaborates with you to relieve your tax burdens.

Austin & Larson Tax Resolution comprehends the difficulties associated with interacting with tax authorities, and we aim to streamline the entire process for your convenience. Whether you’re facing tax challenges at the State of Michigan or dealing with the IRS, we stand ready to support you, irrespective of the magnitude of your tax debt. Our devoted team is determined to offer you cost-effective tax assistance. Reach out to us now for a free consultation to initiate your path towards resolving your tax debt.

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Should the weight of tax debt be pressing down on you, we urge you to connect with us to avail of a no-cost consultation. Our objective revolves around untangling tax debt complexities for clients entangled in an array of tax-related dilemmas. It would bring us immense satisfaction to furnish you with solutions to your inquiries and aid you in swiftly settling your tax debt matters.

What We Do | Tax Resolution

Commencing tax settlement procedures may seem intimidating at first, but rest assured! In Ann Arbor, MI, our esteemed tax attorneys are poised to provide you with the confidence needed to navigate these challenges. Austin & Larson Tax Resolution boasts a team of adept tax settlement lawyers, celebrated for their expertise. Our professionals not only possess profound knowledge of tax law but are also sincerely dedicated to safeguarding your financial interests. Our comprehensive services include thorough consultations and expert legal advocacy by our seasoned tax settlement attorneys, guaranteeing optimal outcomes for your tax concerns.

We Understand What You’re Going Through

Having aided a multitude of clients in navigating tax debt challenges, we deeply understand the frustration inherent in the journey. We sympathize with individuals experiencing a range of emotions, from bewilderment to embarrassment. Dealing with tax authorities solo can often feel like conversing in a foreign language. We recognize your situation and are enthusiastic about relieving you of the burden associated with resolving tax debt!

We Are Here To Help

Navigating the complexities of tax matters independently can be an incredibly exasperating ordeal, often feeling like an interminable process. Beyond the inherent frustration, resolving a case without professional representation commonly results in a substantially higher amount owed to the IRS. Opt for a free consultation today, allowing us to delve into the specifics of your situation. We can assess whether our expertise aligns with your needs and effectively guide you through the resolution process.

We Know Tax Debt Resolution

With half a decade of expertise in handling matters with tax authorities, we possess comprehensive knowledge of the necessary steps to swiftly achieve resolution. Timely addressing tax debt issues is crucial, as procrastination can lead to escalating problems with additional fees. If you’re facing any tax-related concerns, connect with us today. Our team is ready to guide you on efficiently resolving your tax debt, ensuring a smooth and pain-free process.

Our Process | Simple, Fast & Stress Free

Step 1: Initial Contact

During your first call to our office, we will ask you a brief background of your current tax situation and determine the most convenient office location for your free initial consultation.

Step 2: Free Consultation

We will meet with you to review and discuss your individual facts and circumstances to create a customized tax relief plan for your situation and the next steps to take to resolve your tax situation.

Step 3: Begin Resolving Debt

Once we have decided to move forward, we will immediately begin working with the IRS on your behalf to resolve your case as quickly as possible. We will also provide advice and the steps you need to take to ensure you do not acquire any additional debt while we work to settle your case. From the moment you retain our firm, we will be your voice with the IRS and the point of contact for all taxing entities.

Step 4: Monitor Case Status

Some tax debt cases can be resolved quickly, while others may have quite a bit of back and forth contact with the IRS to reach full resolution. We will regularly monitor your case and keep you in the loop along the way so you are never left in the dark.

Step 5: Tax Freedom!

It is our goal not only to resolve your current tax debt but also to make sure that you don’t have any further tax problems. After we have reached resolution with your case, you will be fully equipped with best practices to avoid future tax issues of any kind.

We’re Here To Help

We understand the challenges of managing tax-related issues, and we are here to offer a solution for your tax payments. Our highly experienced team excels at representing clients before the IRS and resolving tax liabilities comprehensively. We are eager to extend the same level of assistance to you. Don’t hesitate to schedule your free consultation with an affordable tax attorney today!

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