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Unlock the pinnacle of corporate tax prowess in Michigan by engaging Austin & Larson Tax Resolution. Operating as a seasoned force from strategic centers such as Brighton, MI, Jackson, MI, Lansing, MI, and Saginaw, MI, our adept consortium combines the talents of IRS Enrolled Agents, proficient Tax Attorneys, astute CPAs, and skilled Tax Accountants.

Our comprehensive IRS tax assistance suite encompasses the spectrum of business tax undertakings. From the meticulous orchestration of business tax preparation to shrewd compliance guidance, unwavering audit support, and the artful resolution of lingering IRS back tax obligations, we stand poised to elevate your fiscal trajectory. Immerse your enterprise in the transformative matrix of our tax preparation services, potentially curbing the expanse of business taxes owed when the IRS comes knocking. Survey your panorama of tax payment alternatives with sagacity, as we extend robust support, solidifying our reputation as a dependable cornerstone of trust and reliance.

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The diverse tapestry of businesses, inclusive of C-Corporations, S-Corporations, and Partnerships, ushers in distinct tax narratives, punctuated by disparate forms and filing deadlines. Picture the C-Corporation, entrenched within the realms of corporate-level taxation, a reality diverging for partnerships and S-Corporations. These versatile entities, defined by their pass-through nature, channel income seamlessly into the individual returns of their owners or partners. For those enterprises graced by employee presence, the labyrinthine terrain of payroll tax returns beckons.


The saga of C-corporations unfolds within the pages of Form 1120, meticulously capturing the chronicles of annual income and expenses. Amid this labyrinth, the specter of double taxation materializes, as all residual corporate income at year-end submits to the embrace of corporate taxation, dutifully remitted by the corporation itself.

S-Corporations and Partnerships

In a striking contrast, S-Corporations and Partnerships emerge as pass-through entities, unfolding their narratives via Form 1120-S and Form 1065, respectively. Unlike the C-Corporation saga, S-Corporations and partnerships shun the mantle of self-generated tax liability. Instead, any residual net income lingering within the corporate realm or partnership fold at year-end is channeled into the pockets of owners or partners. The beneficiaries of this bounty are awarded Form K-1, heralding their distributive fraction of income, pivotal for their individual income tax declarations.

While partnerships and S-Corporations evade the purview of corporate-level taxation, they’re not exempt from individual tax commitments. Languishing in the act of filing Form 1120-S or 1065 unfurls the specter of substantial failure-to-file penalties, an ominous cloud that looms over corporations or partnerships. Furthermore, the stakes escalate with the tardy submission of mandatory 1099s or W-2/W-3 forms, ensnaring corporations in the web of penalties. The rigors of these consequences weigh equally upon the domain of C-Corporations, underscoring the gravity of ensuing tax penalties.

Payroll Tax Returns

Every Michigan establishment that boasts an employee presence is compelled to choreograph the intricate ballet of payroll returns. This intricate dance takes center stage with Forms 944 or 941, along with 940. The virtuoso execution mandates meticulous return submission and the judicious establishment of federal tax deposits—a solemn obligation for businesses graced with a workforce. The quarterly overture of Form 941 interlaces with the annual crescendo of Form 940. Faltering on the path of timely filing or deposit remittance casts an imposing shadow of corporate liabilities. The IRS extends its jurisdiction, reaching out to assess personal tax obligations against individuals accountable for the delinquency.

Resolution of Business Tax Balances

The IRS orchestrates an array of resolution tax settlement avenues for businesses ensnared in the quagmire of back taxes. The nature of the tax and the magnitude of the debt orchestrate the grand performance of payment plans, hinged on a 24-month horizon or aligned with the financial capacities of the enterprise. Businesses might also unveil their sanctuary beneath the shield of a Currently Non-collectible status or the allure of an Offer in Compromise.

In most instances, the IRS unveils a Revenue Officer as the maestro of tax resolution. This conductor embarks on a meticulous audit, affirming the adherence to mandatory tax return submissions and diligent tax deposit contributions by the business. The stage is set for an exhaustive examination of financial statements and asset portfolios, culminating in a comprehensive evaluation of the entity’s fiscal vitality. In select scenarios, the Revenue Officer wields the authority to transpose unpaid taxes from a past venture onto a nascent business, ensconced within the ownership of the taxpayer.

What to Do If Your Business Owes Back Taxes to the IRS

The specter of looming corporate or business taxes has an uncanny propensity to metamorphose into an overwhelming tax debt, casting a long shadow over the viability of your establishment. As you navigate the labyrinthine corridors of payroll balance reconciliation from bygone quarters, the canvas of current quarters unfurls a new palette of liabilities. Within this intricate symphony, interest and penalties form a harmonious crescendo, escalating with each passing note. The IRS dispatches notices, juxtaposed against your quest to grapple with the daily rigors of business operations. In the blink of an eye, three years elapse, and your enterprise finds itself ensnared in the intricate threads of insurmountable debt. The IRS Revenue Officer emerges as a central protagonist, armed with the mission to meticulously sift through the annals of your business records.

In the face of impending business taxes, delay relinquishes its allure. Austin & Larson Tax Resolution stands resolute, ready to navigate your Michigan business through the recalibration of fiscal equilibrium against the backdrop of lingering tax obligations. As stalwart advocates before the IRS, our mantle of responsibility encompasses the diligent pursuit of outstanding business tax return filings and the meticulous unwinding of impending IRS liabilities.

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