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Step into the realm of unparalleled expertise in Michigan’s business and corporate tax landscape through Austin & Larson Tax Resolution. Our distinguished ensemble is rooted in Brighton, MI, Jackson, MI, Lansing, MI, and Saginaw, MI, boasting a team comprised of IRS Enrolled Agents, accomplished Tax Attorneys, seasoned CPAs, and adept Tax Accountants.

Our comprehensive IRS tax support spans across the spectrum of business tax services, encompassing strategic business tax preparation, unwavering compliance guidance, adept audit assistance, and the resolution of lingering IRS back tax obligations. Our tax preparation prowess is not merely a routine; it’s an artistry that can artfully curtail your potential business tax liabilities when the IRS beckons. By meticulously exploring your tax payment alternatives, we bestow invaluable reinforcement, fostering the bedrock of trust and reliance that Michigan businesses seek. Waste no time; contact us now at 1-866-668-2953 for a lifeline of assistance with your business or corporation tax needs.


Small businesses, regardless of their stripes as C-Corporations, S-Corporations, or Partnerships, are entwined in the tapestry of diverse tax forms and distinct filing deadlines. Picture the C-Corporation, ensnared in the complex choreography of corporate-level taxation. In striking contrast, partnerships and S-Corporations unfurl as pass-through entities, as the melodic strains of their income cascade harmoniously into the individual returns of the proprietors or partners. A dance with payroll tax returns awaits businesses adorned with employees, orchestrating their presence within this fiscal symphony.


The saga of C-corporations is inscribed within the pages of Form 1120, meticulously transcribing the ebbs and flows of annual income and expenses. Amid this manuscript, the specter of double taxation emerges, compelling all residual corporate income at year-end to bow to the altar of corporate tax, dutifully settled by the corporation.

S-Corporations and Partnerships

In stark contrast, S-Corporations and Partnerships emerge as conduits of fiscal flow. Form 1120-S marks the path for S-corporations, while Form 1065 is the totem for partnerships. Unlike C-Corporations, S-Corporations and partnerships sidestep the mantle of self-contrived tax liability. Instead, residual net income residing within the corporate or partnership realm at year-end embraces an exodus, channeled into the embrace of owners or partners. Each possessor or partner is endowed with Form K-1, an emblem of their distributive slice of income, a linchpin for reporting on their individual income tax canvases.

While partnerships and S-Corporations gallantly evade the clutches of corporate-level taxation, the specter of their own tax obligations persists. A stumble on the path of timely Form 1120-S or 1065 submission unfurls the specter of formidable failure-to-file penalties, cast ominously upon corporations or partnerships. Moreover, the stakes rise with tardy issuance of mandated 1099s or W-2/W-3 forms, ensnaring corporations in the web of penalties. This chorus of gravity resonates just as profoundly within the realm of C-Corporations, underscoring the significance of ensuing tax penalties.

Payroll Tax Returns

Every Michigan small business graced with the presence of employees must conduct the symphony of payroll returns. This symphony is composed through the harmonious duet of Forms 944 or 941, accompanied by Form 940. Mastery of these forms mandates meticulous return submission and precise establishment of federal tax deposits—an unwavering commitment for businesses adorned with a workforce. The quarterly cadence of Form 941 harmonizes with the annual crescendo of Form 940. Faltering on the path of timely filing or deposit remittance casts a foreboding shadow of corporate liabilities. The IRS, extending its purview, ventures forth to assess personal tax obligations against those accountable for delinquency.

Resolution of Business Tax Balances

The IRS orchestrates a symphony of resolution tax settlements for businesses ensnared in the labyrinth of back taxes. The nature of the tax and the magnitude of debt compose the notes of this performance, where payment plans unfold across a 24-month horizon or harmonize with the fiscal cadence of the enterprise. The echelons of Currently Non-collectible status or an Offer in Compromise beckon, a refuge for businesses grappling with debt.

In most instances, the IRS summons a Revenue Officer to choreograph the ballet of tax resolution. This conductor embarks on an exhaustive audit, ensuring the harmony of mandatory tax return submissions and dutiful tax deposit contributions by the business. The stage is set for a meticulous review of financial statements and asset portfolios, culminating in a meticulous assessment of the entity’s fiscal health. In select scenarios, the Revenue Officer wields the power to transpose unpaid taxes from a bygone venture onto a nascent business owned by the taxpayer.

What to Do If Your Business Owes Back Taxes to the IRS

The specter of lingering business or corporate taxes possesses an uncanny propensity to metamorphose into an overwhelming tax debt, casting a looming shadow over your business’s viability. As you navigate the labyrinthine passages of reconciling payroll balances from preceding quarters, the canvas of the current quarter unveils a fresh palette of obligations. Within this intricate symphony, interest and penalties crescendo, amplifying with each passing refrain. The IRS dispatches notices, contrasting your efforts to grapple with the everyday complexities of business operations. In the blink of an eye, three years vanish, and your business finds itself ensnared within the intricate threads of insurmountable debt. The IRS Revenue Officer assumes the spotlight, armed with the task of meticulously sifting through your business records.

In the face of impending small business taxes, hesitation relinquishes its sway. Austin & Larson Tax Resolution stands resolute, poised to guide your Michigan small business toward recalibrating fiscal equilibrium amidst lingering tax obligations. As staunch advocates before the IRS, our mantle encompasses the tireless pursuit of outstanding small business tax returns and the systematic disentanglement of imminent IRS liabilities.

Confer your IRS rendezvous to us, freeing your energies to steer your small business steadfastly forward. Reach out today at (866) 668-2953. The privilege is ours to weave and execute your optimal tax relief stratagem.

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