Austin & Larson Tax Resolution- A Michigan-Based Tax Debt Relief Firm

At Austin & Larson Tax Resolution, we provide expert tax resolution and tax debt relief, whether you are looking for a local or remote help with your IRS back-taxes. We have offices conveniently located in Saginaw, MI, Jackson, MI, and Howell, MI and are happy to schedule a consultation at a location most convenient to you.

Our Office Locations

Saginaw, MI

4901 Towne Centre Rd.
Suite 215
Saginaw, MI 48604

Howell, MI

204 W. Grand River Ave.
Suite 150
Howell, MI 48843

Jackson, MI

180 W. Michigan Ave.
Suite 204
Jackson, MI 49201

Meet with a Tax Attorney in Saginaw, MI, Jackson, MI, or Howell, MI Today

If you have unfiled tax returns or if you owe back-taxes to the IRS or State of Michigan, contact us to meet with a licensed tax attorney in Jackson, Saginaw or Howell today. Tax liabilities owed to the IRS or State of Michigan only get worse if you ignore them. At your initial meeting, you will meet with an experienced tax attorney to review and discuss your case and determine the best tax debt relief options available to you.

If you owe back taxes, call Austin & Larson Tax Resolution at 866-668-2953 today for tax debt relief. Speak with an experienced tax attorney at either our Saginaw, Jackson, or Howell office locations to get your back-tax debt resolved today.

What to Expect at Your Initial Meeting
At your initial meeting in either Saginaw, MI, Jackson, MI or Howell, MI, you will sit down with a licensed tax attorney to review and discuss your tax situation. We will review for any unfiled back-tax returns and will discuss your options for tax debt relief.

We advise our clients to plan on the initial meeting lasting 1-2 hours in time as each case is unique and requires its own analysis of the best resolution options available to you. Our tax attorney will review both your tax debt owed and will also do an analysis of your income, expenses, and assets to determine which IRS tax debt relief option is best for your situation.

After designing a tax resolution plan individually tailored to your case, our team of tax experts will immediately begin representation of you before the IRS. From the moment you walk out of our office, we will begin our representation of your tax debt before the IRS and will handle all contact with them from that point forward.

How Often Will We Have to Meet After the Initial Consultation?
At Austin & Larson Tax Resolution, we believe in providing top-notch customer service for our clients and are available to meet with them as often as they would like. While all of our tax resolution work can be done remotely through mail, email, fax, and telephone, we are always available to meet with a client that wants to meet face-to-face to review and discuss the status of their case.

Since we provide tax debt relief to taxpayers across Michigan, we know that it is not always convenient to drive to an office location. For those taxpayers that prefer, we can provide tax resolution services remotely. You will still receive the same exemplary services just from the convenience of your own home. Our tax attorney can speak with you remotely and review your case to determine the best tax debt relief strategy for you.

Do not let the IRS or State of Michigan become a burden on your life. Contact our office today for a free tax consultation to review your situation and create a plan for resolving your back tax debt today. Let AUSTIN & LARSON Tax Resolution assist you now with your individual/1040 tax filings. 1-866-668-2953 in Howell, MI, Jackson, MI, and Saginaw, MI.

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