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You may have hired a tax preparer from time to time – but a tax lawyer is different. Do you know how to tell when you should hire one? You make your best efforts every year to stay under the IRS’s radar. When you pay your taxes, you hope that’s it until the same time next year. But the IRS sometimes reaches out in a variety of situations, despite your efforts. Experts agree that a lawyer is the best way to work with the IRS in certain situations. But what exactly are those situations, and how can a lawyer help? You might be tempted to save money and go it alone – but this can be a big mistake. In this guide, we’ll show you exactly when and why you should get a tax attorney on your side. Keep reading to learn about what a tax lawyer in Saginaw, MI, can do for you! You Have An Offer In Compromise Offer in compromise is a program… Read More

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