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Tax relief specialists can provide essential IRS help and tax help when trying to resolve back tax debt.  If you need tax relief services or help with your back taxes, contact Austin & Larson Tax Resolution.  We have the knowledge and expertise to handle the IRS and resolve your outstanding tax debt.  Tax help can be found in many different forms for those with a tax debt.  Once a tax debt is formed, it can be a very difficult scenario to attempt to keep up with paying all your personal bills, keeping your business going, and maintaining all the other elements in your life.  Therefore, it is especially important to choose the correct tax relief specialists and get help with the IRS. What to look for when choosing a firm for tax help You want a firm that has the ability to fight for your rights and has the knowledge and expertise required to negotiate your resolution on your behalf.  This is usually achieved by… Read More

Small business tax help small business tax deductions

Small businesses and taxes go hand-in-hand and it is important for the success of the small business to reduce its business tax by claiming every tax deduction to which it is entitled.  One small business tax deduction that people generally have questions on is the home office deduction.  If you need small business tax help or have questions regarding business tax deductions, contact Austin & Larson Tax Resolution for all of you back tax needs.  Many small business owners do at least a portion of their work from their home.  However, many people are not sure if they can claim a small business tax deduction for their home office.  There are a lot of things to remember and be aware of when claiming a home office or when working from home.  Some of the most common complexities are which method you should claim along with which expenses of the home can be claimed. Which expenses can you claim? For a small business owner with a… Read More


Form 1120S is used to file your corporate tax return for an S-Corporation.  This business tax return reports all of you income and deductions for the year to the IRS.  If you have questions about how to prepare and file form 1120S, please contact Austin and Larson Tax Resolution to speak with one of our tax return specialists.   Corporate Tax Returns So you have decided to make the plunge into being an entrepreneur and formed a S Corporation.  One of the most important things to know about running your business is how to file your corporate tax return.  What can you claim as a deduction from your business and where do the deductions go on your corporate tax return? The IRS defines a S Corporation as a “corporation that elects to pass corporate income, losses, deductions, and credits through to their shareholders for federal tax purposes”.  To qualify and open a S Corporation you need to do all of the following: Be a domestic… Read More

IRS-Substitute For Return-Unfiled-Tax Returns-help

If you have unfiled tax returns, the IRS may prepare a return for your unfiled taxes called a Substitute for Return (SFR).  This return will likely result in a high tax balance.  If the IRS has prepared a return for you or if you need back tax help in paying back taxes, contact Austin& Larson Tax Resolution for resolution of your IRS problems.  TAX HELP WITH SUBSTITUTE FOR RETURNS         Have you gone multiple years without filing a tax return with the IRS?  Do you have unfiled tax returns? Are you not sure where to go for help with back taxes and IRS problems?   Are you wondering what the IRS will do to you because you have unfiled tax returns?  If this scenario applies to you, you need to know about an IRS substitute for return (SFR).  The IRS will file a return on your behalf.  Sometimes this will be the year after the return was due and sometimes it can be multiple years after… Read More

IRS Debt Forgiveness Tax Relief Services

IRS debt forgiveness is one of the many tax relief services offered by the IRS. Eligible taxpayers can save thousands of dollars through the IRS debt forgiveness programs.  If you owe back taxes, contact Austin & Larson Tax Resolution to find out what debt forgiveness you qualify for. IRS DEBT FORGIVENESS Many people often come to a tax resolution firm looking for tax relief services and IRS debt forgiveness.  They have heard all of the adds claiming that companies can substantially reduce their tax debt and they will pay “pennies on the dollar.”  However, they do not understand the process of how the IRS forgives tax debt or who qualifies for IRS debt forgiveness. While there are many ways to resolve your tax debt, only a few of them involve the IRS forgiving the tax debt.  The two main ways that the IRS forgives tax debt is through the process of penalty abatement or through the Offer in Compromise (OIC) program. A penalty abatement is… Read More

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