Many people have IRS problems at one point or another.  IRS problems can range from something as simple as needing to send in additional support for one of the deductions that were claimed on your return to something serious, such as multiple unfiled returns or a large unpaid tax balance.  No matter what type of IRS problem you find yourself dealing with, there is one common theme…DO NOT IGNORE THE PROBLEM!! IRS tax problems are not going to go away on their own.  You will likely find yourself in a much worse position if you try to ignore the problem than if you get ahead of it and take steps to fix the problem right away. One type of simple IRS problem that we often see is the IRS sending out a notice for additional information on your current year return.  They may ask you to send in additional support for a claimed dependent, mortgage interest claimed, or any other number of claimed deductions on… Read More

IRS Tax Lien; Federal Tax Lien

An IRS tax lien or federal tax lien can negatively effect both your credit and your ability to buy, sell, or refinance property.  If you owe back taxes, the IRS can issue an IRS tax lien against any real property that you own.  If you owe back taxes and need IRS help with an IRS lien, contact Austin & Larson Tax Resolution.   What is an IRS Tax Lien? An IRS tax lien is a legal claim by the federal government on your property when you owe an unpaid tax balance.  A federal tax lien attaches to all your property, including real property (houses or land), personal property, and financial assets. Before the IRS will issue a federal tax lien against a taxpayer, they will first assess the tax balance and then send out a Notice and Demand for Payment.  If the balance is not paid after the demand notice has been sent, the IRS may issue an IRS lien. The IRS files a Notice… Read More

A taxpayer that has received notice of IRS audit needs tax audit help immediately.  You should not try to handle an audit on your own and should instead seek audit help immediately.  Just because your return is being audited does not mean that it is wrong or that there is an error on it.  However, having professional help for tax audit is the best way to ensure that the final audit results will be the correct audit results. The IRS can generally audit any return filed within the last three years.  However, there are certain situations where they can go back six years or more.  Once your return has been selected for audit, you will be notified by mail.  The audit may be a correspondence audit (done by mail) or an in-person audit.  The IRS auditor may seek to verify a few specific items on your return or the IRS may request substantiation of all return items.  Time is of the essence in an IRS audit. … Read More

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