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Delinquent Tax Return; Late Filed Return

The first step to paying back taxes is to file any late, unfiled, and delinquent tax returns. However, many taxpayers with unfiled tax returns do not know where to go for help with their unfiled taxes.  If you need help with how to file back taxes, contact Austin & Larson Tax Resolution today.  Many tax problems begin with a delinquent tax return. Once an individual or business starts down this treacherous path, it can be very difficult to get their tax situation back under control. Taxpayers can have a delinquent tax return for many reasons, but some of the most common are financial hardship caused by a balance due on the return, life changing event like divorce, or moving/flood/fire which resulted in lost documentation for the return. So, what is a delinquent tax return, what can happen as a result of not filing your tax return, and what should you do next to begin to correct this tax problem? What Is An Unfiled or Delinquent… Read More

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IRS-Substitute For Return-Unfiled-Tax Returns-help

If you have unfiled tax returns, the IRS may prepare a return for your unfiled taxes called a Substitute for Return (SFR).  This return will likely result in a high tax balance.  If the IRS has prepared a return for you or if you need back tax help in paying back taxes, contact Austin& Larson Tax Resolution for resolution of your IRS problems.  TAX HELP WITH SUBSTITUTE FOR RETURNS         Have you gone multiple years without filing a tax return with the IRS?  Do you have unfiled tax returns? Are you not sure where to go for help with back taxes and IRS problems?   Are you wondering what the IRS will do to you because you have unfiled tax returns?  If this scenario applies to you, you need to know about an IRS substitute for return (SFR).  The IRS will file a return on your behalf.  Sometimes this will be the year after the return was due and sometimes it can be multiple years after… Read More

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Owing back taxes to the IRS can create both a mental and financial hardship for taxpayers.  Many taxpayers do not know what their options are for paying back taxes or where to go for IRS help.  If you need back tax debt relief, contact Austin & Larson Tax Resolution to speak to a tax relief specialist today.   Owing IRS Back Taxes Do you have back taxes or have unfiled tax returns?  It can be a very stressful and scary situation to know that you owe taxes that you cannot pay.  Many people go years with the knowledge that they must address this issue, however, they are paralyzed by fear.  We have seen many situations where a taxpayer has not filed back tax returns for several years as they knew that the returns would show a tax debt that they are unable to pay.  Others have filed and come in with piles of unopened IRS correspondence on their back taxes because they were too fearful… Read More

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