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, 2017

Many taxpayers are facing the crippling effects the IRS can have on you once you get a tax debt.  They can begin collection activity on any tax year with an unpaid tax balance.  Collection activity can include levies, liens, and wage garnishments. It can be a scary process as your $10,000 balance can turn into a $20,000 balance quickly with interest and penalties continuing to accrue until the balances owed are fully paid off.  Tax relief services can give you the peace of mind to get back to your daily life.  Tax relief services generally include a wide array of services including the Offer in Compromise, Installment Agreement, Currently Non-Collectible, and even Bankruptcy in certain cases. OFFER IN COMPROMISE The Offer in Compromise is the best form of resolution available to taxpayers who qualify.  This option does not have the negative effect on your credit rating a bankruptcy will have.  This tax relief service also allows a taxpayer to eliminate their total tax debt for… Read More

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